Friday, August 31, 2007


by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerps from "Zen is Now" c. 1991]

I frequent bookstores more than
You frequent bars
I drink from the fountain of knowledge
Alone distilled bubbling
Forth crystal as stars from shattered
Stones carried by no cup
I cease to believe in your promised
Holy golden grail as I stand o’re
Mountains to watch volcanoes erupt!
Traversing sea and dry land in search
Of one I retreat to the peak of tall
Mountains to watch the sun descend o’re
Ancient dark cavern which I call
My shrine where old fires blaze!…
Like crystalline

There voices of the ancients echo in my
Head but the sense of their words is
Forgotten and dead solidified like
Stone in this dark cavernous home
Abode of the coyotes where my
Fore parents roamed
I don’t need to be filled with your doctrinal lies
When I see the truths in our primitive
Eyes and the light play secret tricks
On our undomesticated irises and
The flame which we dance round’s the
Breath which inspires us

I return like a vagabond striped and
Deposed naked and unclothed
To this dark cavernous home
To erect the lost seven thrones
Of obsidian stones in a kingdom
Alone to the world quite unknown
Abode of the jackals where my
Fore parents roamed

Where legends were told
And mysteries unfold about the
Seventy-two elders and the serpents
They rode and the legends they told
Of how The Ancient grew old and began
To explode and the fires grew cold
While the universe unfolds
And in no books were they written
So the scribes could be smitten
By the double edged sword protruding
From my mouth and now the voices
Of the ancients and the Prince of
The South echoes in the wind while
Unheard by men yet uttered
By the jinn

The sun still sets and the fires descend
Upon altars unattended by untrained priest
Kept by vows until the hour of their
Release the chaos can increase but
It doesn’t diminish me unceasing
Blows fall upon basalt stone
But cannot banish me
Breezes blow ripples upon a once
Silent sea enshrouded by lazy pine trees
While overhead listless clouds float
Billowy white across strewn and
Wasted corpses littering a once raging

The sun sets o’re jagged hills
Ember in its silent death now

Darkness overspreads the land
And chaos reigns supreme…
But my solitude is being fortified
By my solitude as stones are being
Piled upon stones!


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