Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Satan The Devil on a Crucifix
by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "This Eye of Mine" c. 2006]

the nails went in
and eye said, "what the hell are
you doing to me?
it's him, you idiots!
get him, the one hiding out
in the crowd with the
blue tam on his head!"

"eye imagine you don't really dig
the crown of thorns on my head
it obsures the horns"

"talk about the devil
wearing prada-Ha!"

eye said as eye bled and
began to shed tears of pearls

eye set the trends or it nada!

my feet are fastened
to the stake
and eye see a panorama of
the world!
as the roman imps
lift me up! from a dead
level to a dying perpendicular
upon the 4 points of a compass

"you idiots! this is a mistake!"
eye cried
as far as the eye can see
the sprawling ghetto of Jerusalem
fans out before me and
eye hang upon this cursed
crux without belief
without wine
without songs
without merriment!
and without the theories and
the dogmas of men


"well, isn't this the part
where some heroe's suppose
to rush up and pierce my
side with a spear?"

the heroes scamper away
while the theologians cast
doubt around me in a
darkened alleyway

"fools! it was eye who
liberated you from the
tree of life! and this
is how you repay me?!"

eye drop my head of thorns
the thorns turn to jade
the jade becomes pearls
pearls becomes tears
tears becomes brass
by the flowing sea of the jordan
nails within my hand
stakes within my feet
thorns surround my head
and alas!
that coward with the
blue tam on his head
hides out among the
revelers in the crowd...


Untitled [Almost Hiaku]

by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "This Eye of Mine" c. 2006]

the spirit of
the written law
fell away and from behind
it the archetype
stepped forward
to dance!