Monday, June 22, 2009


Therapist, “So, did you cross the river?”

OBSIDIAN, “No, not yet.”

The Dreamtime 13
By “OBSIDIAN!!!” c. 2009

Perhaps that’s
All we ever had
In life
Was the dreamtime

And to dream is
To live in a life
So filled with disappointments
And illusions

Eye close my eyes
At night and return
To the dreamtime
There eye finally reach
The shores…

And then I dream
Of You and it is
Then that I remember
When we use to walk
Hand in hand past the
Ruins of the lost and
Sunken continent
Of Mu…

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Purple Elephants Conversing with you in Latin

By "OBSIDIAN!!!" c. 2009

they say

it's just a pill

a shake from the bottle

and a cup of water

is all

but when its

geomancy confluences

hit your ever flowing

stream like a moth

that's not suppose to

emerge from a cocoon...

there you are

but they say you're

cured and like the

new slur in your speech

and find it sexy

oh, where was i?

that's the point

stay away from the

meds Magical Child

and let the purple

elephants break it down

to you

in Latin...