Thursday, February 04, 2016

About the Book The Shaitan...

Hello my fellow poets, artists and poet aficionados!

I, Daniel Canada aka Obsidian, am making a departure from my usual poetry newsletters to inform you that I have finally published my supernatural thriller, fiction novel, entitled: The Shaitan. To be sure, this undertaking took close to 10 years and was accomplished during my homeless poet days, while I was busy on the poetry circuit and co-hosting “The Time Square Shout Out!” along with “The Shout Out @ Ottos!,” with my sidekick, Hobobob.

I invite you all to purchase a copy and check it out! What is more, I welcome your comments, criticisms and insights and would love to get feedback from you, my fellow wordsmiths!

Presently, The Shaitan (written under my nom de plume, Ashur Etil Alani) is being sold online at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Epub, Mobi (Kindle), Irf, Pdb for Palm and Kobo Ebooks sites, for $3.99 a copy. (It should also be found on Nook, & will be sold as an ebook on at a later date. For more information and updates you can follow me on my new blog site:  (Click off the “Adult filter” button on the top right of page before searching for book title The Shaitan in “search” field)

Yours truly,
Obsidian aka Ashur Etil Alani

Here’s a quick synopsis of the book!

The Shaitan is a saga about Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson, who is a member of the elite 75th Regiment of the United States Army Rangers and a decorated veteran of the recent Gulf Wars.  Staff Sergeant Donaldson is also an unwitting candidate in a secret government psychic-warfare program, wherein he is unsuspectingly pitted against the world's most wanted terrorist, Ismial Abdur Rahim.

Staff Sergeant Donaldson is on the prowl, chasing Ismial, who goes by the code name The Shaitan, through the most unlikely places, the poetry community of the Lower East and West Sides of Manhattan. His pursuit will take him through all the spoken word haunts of the artist communities, in an effort to catch Ismial and eliminate him before he can launch a terrorist attack in the heart of New York City.

Unbeknown to himself, Staff Sergeant Donaldson is also being subtly dragged into the uncanny world of the occult. On the other side of the world, in the city of Sana’a, Yemen, the treacherous Witch Queen, Jamilyah has made her lair in the Middle East. There she covertly establishes numerous cells of loyal Muslim sorcerers dedicated to destroying the United States and bringing about mayhem to the Western world and the Middle East. Jamilyah and her protégé, Ismial, scheme to rain down havoc upon the sons of mankind and to bring about a New World Order under the powers of The Great Dragon.

The Shaitan is a fast moving narrative of one man's herculean struggle against unseen forces, within and without, taking you from the teaming alleyways of the Holy Land in Jerusalem and Yemen, to the bustling streets of New York City, and through a labyrinth of deceit in the poetry community in the Lower East and West Sides of Manhattan, all the way to its shocking finale.