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Background Information About Action Novel The Shaitan



I would like to talk about the recurring image of the dragon in my action-novel,‭ ‬The Shaitan.‭ ‬Many have wondered about the ever-present image of this dragon,‭ ‬which seem to permeate throughout the story at the most uncanny moments.‭ ‬What does this dragon represent‭? ‬Good question.‭ ‬To be sure,‭ ‬it is a Jungian archetype.‭  ‬Carl Gustav Jung interpreted this symbol to represent the‭ “‬Mother Dragon.‭”

We are all too familiar with the classical medieval scene of the chivalrous knight in shiny armor slaying the dragon.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬few of us are aware that this oft repeated motif is a distant echo of the fall of the matriarchal society,‭ ‬along with the once revered worship of the great Mother God and her connection with the mysterious powers of the earth,‭ ‬Gaia.

You might notice that I referred to this ancient deity as‭ “‬God,‭” ‬with the capital G.‭ ‬This is due to the fact that the original mother deity was considered to be the all-powerful and knowing creator,‭ ‬in opposed to simply being the consort of a dominant male god.‭ ‬This lesser position she was relegated to in later times,‭ ‬during the rise of the male deity and His worship.

Of course,‭ ‬this eventually led to the celibate male priestly class,‭ ‬which we are all too‭ ‬accustomed with today.‭ ‬It might surprise some to know that under the worship of the ancient Mother God sexual rites were considered to be the correct form of communion with deity,‭ ‬in stark contrast to the sexual suppression of the priestly class presiding over the realm of Christendom in our modern times.

This takes us to the most numinous and symbolic bible book of Revelation,‭ ‬wherein the Great Dragon is seen by the astounded Prophet John as being violently hurled down to the vicinity of the earth.‭ ‬Herein,‭ ‬we see a historical relic of a by-gone era,‭ ‬where the demotion of the Mother God,‭ ‬symbolized by the dragon,‭ ‬actually took place,‭ ‬giving rise to the principal male God,‭ ‬called by many names throughout the annals of time.

What does all this have to do with the novel‭? ‬Great question‭!

In the book,‭ ‬The Shaitan,‭ ‬we are once again brought face-to-face with this‭ ‬original,‭ ‬epic struggle,‭ ‬played out-not only in the main character’s recurring and frightening visions of the Great Mother Dragon-but also in the charismatic occult leader,‭ ‬Jamilyah,‭ ‬the very high priestess of the Mother Dragon God Herself.‭

How does this conflict play out in the end‭? ‬What is more,‭ ‬how does it influence the main character,‭ ‬Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson in his mission as an Army Ranger‭?

This remains to be seen.

I encourage everyone to purchase a copy of‭ ‬The Shaitan,‭ ‬read it and find out.

-Daniel Canada aka Obsidian



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