Tuesday, July 19, 2016

U.S. Army Colonels

I served in the U.S. Army for a couple of years and one thing you learn right quick is how influential a colonel is. Colonels run entire bases. Your chance of running into a general is rare. Not that you don’t see one floating around from time-to-time.

You do.

However, everyone in the army knows that the top commanding officers in any fort are the colonels, whom we used to call full-blown-birds, because of the silver eagle insignia emblazoned upon their uniforms, distinguishing them from the rest of the commanders.

This brings us to the topic of Colonel James Edward Brandy, the fictional character in my action-novel The Shaitan.

Colonel Brandy is a career soldier in the service of the US Army, working under the oversight of an overbearing General Burger in a clandestine think tank, overseeing the secret government operation “Inferno,” which has pitted our main character, Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson against the world’s most wanted terrorist, Ismial Abdur Rahim.

But unbeknown to everyone Colonel Brandy is living a double life and is holding close to his vest a dark secret about an aspect of the operation, which if ever came to the light of day could irreparably alter the entire military undertaking.

What is this carefully guarded secret? And how will it impact upon the very life of Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson?

To find out, purchase and read a copy of The Shaitan! 


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