Friday, August 19, 2016

Think Tanks

Believe it or not there are probably more think tanks in the United States than there are corporations. It seems for everything there’s a think tank. In the state of New York, for example, there are to be found a good number of them like the Brookings Institute and the Heritage Foundation, to name just a few.

There’s the RAND Corporation. Though this think tank is not specific to New York (It’s located in Santa Monica California) it is an example of one of the most powerful and influential think thanks in America. The RAND Corporation was even hired by former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to investigate the infamous Sean Bell police shooting back in 2006. Its findings were eventually implemented in NYPDs police code of conduct.

And then there is the rumored WRM, World Revolutionary Movement. You’re probably gawking at the page and saying, what the hell is that?”

That’s a darn good question.

The concept that such an internationally influential super-secret think tank as the World Revolutionary Movement could exist in the shadows was created by the late conspiracy theorist William Guy Carr in 1956. According to William Guy Carr there was and still exist a secret think tank that has been responsible for every major world event, from the French Revolution up until now.

Of course, none of his conjectures can be proven or verified, but it does get one’s imagination fired up with the notion that any clandestine cabal could exist in our modern time.

Which brings us to another hither-to-unknown think tank, controlling military operations from afar. This think tank is to be found in my action-novel, The Shaitan.

Hidden away in the United States Army’s medical department near an area called “Sand Hill” in Fort Benning, is a super-secret think tank designed by the wily Colonel Brandy and overseen by the overbearing and demanding General Burger. This secret gathering is comprised of a medley group of men from all possible walks of life.

There is the elderly and wizened Rabbi Benjamin Ehud, head of a branch of the Israeli Mossad. Accompany him is his former rival, Sheik Ali Ibin Aziz, founder of the once notorious Islamic terrorist group, Islamiyah Al Nass. Adding color and depth to this company is the witty CIA Guy and the eminent MIT Professor Brad MacFarlane.

What brings this disparate collection of men together is the looming international threat posed by the renegade terrorist, Ismial Abdur Rahim, who goes by the code name The Shaitan. Ismial Abdur Rahim is considered to be so dangerous that all these dissimilar parties, who even at one time were sworn enemies, saw the need to pool their resources together in an effort to do away with this agent of evil, the likes of which had not been seen before.

To accomplish this the think tank must carefully oversee their agent on the ground, Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson; a formidable task to be sure, because of the personal challenges our hero presents with his incurable drinking and renegade behavior.  

How do they pull off this seemingly herculean task without meeting sure disaster? I encourage you to purchase and read a copy of my action-novel The Shaitan and find out!


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