Tuesday, December 06, 2016

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As I promised, I will be posting from time-to-time my interview by Smashwords, which I hope will shed some insights into the creation of the two books, The Shaitan and Hobo Handbook: Memoirs of a Homeless Poet in New York, I published through their online Ebook distribution platform. So, once more here it is! As always I welcome your thoughts.

B-What motivated you to become an indie author?

After having submitted my works to numerous literary agents who, though assuring me that I was a terrific writer and had a good story, informed me (in the words of one agent: "I wouldn't know how to market it") that they didn't know what audience to target with the type of story I was writing. Well, after this debacle, I decided to seriously explore the world of Indie publishing.

Though, it has been a learning curve and a challenge, to be sure, I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty in the actual day-to-day process of reaching out to a new audience and spreading the news about my writing projects.

I'm having a lot of fun.

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in the Bronx, during the 70s and 80s. Growing up in the Bronx at that time provided me with many rich and tragic experiences, which I believe fueled my writing imagination, in that I used to write a lot as a means of escape from the tough and challenging surroundings of my neighborhood as a boy. I’m glad of that now, seeing what it’s produced.

Another positive thing that came out growing up in what was labeled the South Bronx is that it allowed me to go to Alfred E. Smith Vocational High School, where I was further encouraged to pursue an amateur writing career by a very influential English teacher, Ms. Orge (pronounced "Or-hey").




They are not being sold on Amazon.com at this time.

To view a few sample pages or to purchase the books visit:

https://smashwords.com/books/view/573076  (Note: You must 1st remove “adult content” filter from top right hand corner of Smashword page to access the books, by clicking the “Adult Content” button before searching for the titles titles in search field).

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