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Vanishing UFOs?

Vanishing UFOs Spotted Over Ontario
Is this proof of UFOs coming from or going to other dimensions?
03/24/2016 03:40 pm ET | Updated Mar 24, 2016
·  Lee Speigel Writer, Editor, The Huffington Post

UFOs seem to blip out or instantly vanish over Ontario, Canada.

UFOs are reported across the globe on a daily basis, and it’s often the same thing — a circular object shines brilliantly in the sky, and then, instantly, it disappears.

Of course, if an advanced civilization in a far off galaxy had the technology to cross the far reaches of space, we might assume the pilots of those spacecraft could also have a cloaking device or hyperspace afterburners, like you might see in your favorite science fiction movie.
They might even have the ability to slip into and out of other dimensions or realities.
A sighting last month in Ontario, Canada, posted to YouTube, delights viewers’ eyes and lives up to every expectation of a close encounter, except in one respect: It probably isn’t real. 

We generally don’t comment on anonymous UFO reports posted on social media. However, this one seems to illustrate an important point, and you might keep this in mind the next time you think you see an ET’s spacecraft.

The eyewitness, known only from his V-For-Victor (V4V) YouTube channel, claims that he saw through his bedroom window, “three bright objects in the sky hovering beside each other in a strange formation.”

V4V decided to videotape the objects after they began to blink randomly, disappear and reappear in the same spot. The following 13-second video shows some of this activity.

The incident is under investigation by MUFON, an international UFO research organization that collects UFO reports and attempts to come up with credible explanations for those sightings. 
MUFON is not related to any academic organization, nor are their internally trained investigators required to have advanced degrees in science. 

The first problem with this submission, of course, is that we don’t know the identity of the eyewitness.

MUFON claims it withholds a submitter’s personal information to save that person the negative attention that might come from claiming to see a UFO.

That’s understandable. Nobody wants to be dismissed as a kook. Still, that means we know nothing about this person’s credibility, mental health or sobriety at the time of the incident. He or she might simply be a prankster.

In this particular case, HuffPost reached out for more information to V4V, who didn’t respond to our request.

The YouTube posting does provide some background, at least.

“I have no idea how high and how far away the UFOs were,” V4V says. “[They] looked very large. I did not hear strange noises or any aircraft engines ... The color of the UFOs was a yellow/orange, almost like car lights.”

But we don’t know exactly when the incident took place because the witness’ post contains conflicting information, and there are no corroborating witnesses.

His written report begins with: “Filmed with a iPad Air 2, on Feb. 19, 2016.”

Yet, just below that, where the incident description actually unfolds, it says: “On Feb. 21, 2016, at around 5:50 PM, I witnessed 3 UFOs hovering outside.”
So, did this take place on Feb. 19 or Feb. 21? 

A Holland-based YouTube channel, FindingUFO, presents information, news and videos about dubious UFOs, submitted by people from around the world. The channel added some visual enhancements to the Canada video, in the following attempt to better clarify the UFOs in this story:

Some of the comments on the YouTube page of the original report support the eyewitness’ testimony of capturing something very unusual in the sky.

Others weren’t so kind, suggesting the UFOs were simply window-reflected lights.

HuffPost showed the video and written report to Marc Dantonio, a video and image specialist of FX Models, who uses advanced software tools in his photo analysis work.

“Interesting video,” Dantonio emailed HuffPost. “However, I noticed something peculiar when the objects vanish in the ‘sky.’ I say ‘sky’ that way because, in my opinion, they were very likely not in the sky at all. I could see, at one point in the video, the edge of a window. I believe we are seeing lights reflected in a window, and the ‘winking out’ is just the light becoming blocked in the room, and thus, no longer reflecting in the window.

“The right-hand light goes out top to bottom. It’s like someone slid a piece of paper or cardboard down in front of the lights one by one. In my opinion, we are looking through a window and viewing light reflections that were extinguished manually, one by one.”

We’re not saying this is what V4V did. We’

Monday, June 20, 2016

What's on the Moon?

Judge for yourself the validity of former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin's statement about the moon. I'm just posting it for your perusal.
-Daniel aka Obsidian



Thursday, May 26, 2016

Farewell My Beautiful Mlother Part 2...

Sharing the poem i wrote & read at my mother, Sallie's funeral Sunday. (Thanx for all you well-wishes)
-Daniel aka Obsidian

By Daniel Canada aka Obsidian c.2016

My earliest memories of you was a pocket book swing as I waited baited breath for your beautiful form to show up on the horizon of a dirty Bronx street there’s my pretty mother come to rescue me from the confusion of kids playing hop scotch on the hot summers concrete

Leather purse holding the wages of food for we hungry chillum hungry for spaghetti and rice and beans corn flakes along with the remnant of pink milk saved in the heart of a woman who put in more than 14 hours of work to feed the mouth of her babies

Nights fill with terror and the screams of daddy who felt it made sense to beat the hell of a Princes to make up for hard day’s mafia work

Mommy taught me how to read the bible first so I was way ahead of my colleagues who wanted to know how Dick chased Jane, mommy got a bachelor’s degree after raising a family in the ghettos of the Bronx to become a teacher she taught bible classed quoted scripture better than the arch bishop of Canterbury we buried her not… she said the flames are my end so burn me like the mustache man burn me like the flames of love that simmer in all your heart-you fell me?

Sallie, I still see you crocheting blankets in the night organs and piano you use to play spiritual cord wafting into the wee hours I play piano now no memories of southern root rooted deep in the red South Carolina soil I wasn’t born there but I remember grandpa and his thirst for sweet potatoes the waving fields of wheat you wanted to come back home even from your last stage your spirit traveled across the parch and arid lands it came home to roost to rest upon the house you had built a monument to the

Wilsons a monument to the Samuels DNA still whispers in my vein I really miss you Sallie Canada you were light shining in dark places you were so stoic so Cherokee Indian woman-you fought the spasms of death until you gave up your final breath

To fly away to southern skies cosecant ore Kelly Camden fields of green there you are with your ancestors saying “We shall overcome.” for you are strong-you were strong in life you are strong in spirit

And the legacy of your love of your fried chicken like Aunt Sugar Lump and Aunt Mamie, collard greens and dumpling live on in me I have pictures of you now smiles frozen in sequential time-they are not you… you are the sun that wake the early hours of dawn in the stillness of twilight-and hear you

So, now I know what the name Sallie meant: it meant Soulful Attributes of Loving Light & Internal Endearment-you see mommy it is at this moment I finally understand what you stood for &apologize cause it took me this long…

I wear your unfinished green scarf and I carry your wonderful smile…with pride

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Farewell My Beautiful Mother...

My beautiful mother, Sallie Canada, passed away from this earthly plane last night @ 10:03pm. I was at her bedside to see her draw her last breath. Mother, I know that you know that my love for you will burn unto the end of our undying sun.
-Daniel aka Obsidian

Monday, May 16, 2016

Is There Anybody Out There?!...

Just when we thought we knew it all!
-Obsidian aka Daniel

FRBs: Mystery repeating radio signals discovered emanating from unknown cosmic source

Repeating radio signals coming from a mystery source far beyond the Milky Way have been discovered by scientists. While one-off fast radio bursts (FRBs) have been detected in the past, this is the first time multiple signals have been detected coming from the same place in space.

FRBs are radio signals from deep space that last for just a few milliseconds. Since their discovery over a decade ago, scientists have been searching for more to try to understand their origin. At present, there are several theories as to what they could be, with most involving some cataclysmic event like a supernova or a neutron star collapsing into a black hole.

All of the events seen so far appear to have been one-offs, with subsequent observations failing to find follow-up bursts coming from the same position as the original. However, an international team of researchers has now discovered an additional 10 bursts coming from the same direction as FRB 121102, using the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

Publishing their findings in the journal Nature, the researchers report the subsequent bursts have the same dispersion measures and sky positions as the original FRB. This, they say, means the source must have survived whatever event caused the FRB to be produced in the first place – i.e. it cannot have been a cataclysmic one-off event. They also found the bursts differed in brightness from other FRBs, suggesting a different source.

Paul Scholz, from McGill University, was the first person to notice the repeating burst: "I knew immediately that the discovery would be extremely important in the study of FRBs."

In the study, researchers suggest the repeating bursts are coming from a very young neutron star. "Although there may be multiple physical origins for the population of fast radio bursts, these repeat bursts with high dispersion measure and variable spectra specifically seen from the direction of FRB 121102 support an origin in a young, highly magnetised, extragalactic neutron star," they wrote.

The team now hopes to identify the galaxy from which the repeating FRBs came from. "Once we have precisely localised the repeater's position on the sky, we will be able to compare observations from optical and X-ray telescopes and see if there is a galaxy there," said Jason Hessels, corresponding author on the study. "Finding the host galaxy of this source is critical to understanding its properties."

Their study follows another paper on FRBs published earlier this month. Also appearing in Nature, researchers announced the discovery of the location and host galaxy of another FRB first discovered in April last year.

They found FRB 150418 had emanated from an elliptical galaxy six billion light years away. Unlike FRB 121102, this burst did not repeat, leading scientists to say it was probably produced by merger event, where two stars that are orbiting each other come together. In the paper, the team also said they believe there are at least two different sources of FRBs.
More about FRBs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Long Time Ago in an America Far Away...

This is an documentary about one of my relatives, Geoffrey Canada & an interesting testimony about the truth of racial identity in America. Check it out!
Daniel Canada aka Obsidian

‘Finding Your Roots’: Why White Family Refused DNA Test for Geoffrey Canada
Apr 13, 2016

Geoffrey Canada from the PBS series "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr."

Harlem educator Geoffrey Canada made some startling discoveries in his family tree as part of the PBS series “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

“Every black family believes that they descend from the white man who owned them, and it turns out that we have never tested an African American who was a hundred percent black,” Dr. Gates told reporters during a press conference for the series. “Every African American has a significant percentage of European ancestry. So do you know what we did this time? We actually tracked down the descendants of the slave master, white descendants, and matched their DNA against the DNA of our guests.”

Gates said in two cases out of four this season, DNA tests proved that the guest was descended from the white ancestor that the family believed was kin. In Canada’s episode (scroll down to watch in its entirety), he learned there was a significant amount of European blood in his DNA.

But sadly, Canada will never have the identity of his white ancestor confirmed.  On camera, Gates informed him that the descendants of the slave master believed to have fathered Canada’s family line refused to take the DNA test.

Below, Gates explains why they refused and their initial reaction when he first made contact.
image: http://c14.zedo.com/jsc/images/zplayer/inarticle-Close-Btn.png

Read more at http://www.eurweb.com/2012/04/finding-your-roots-why-white-family-refused-dna-test-for-geoffrey-canada/#HlxsrTUl5bo6WdYW.99



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The Unraveling...

As we uncover the distant past more is revealed.
-Daniel aka Obsidian

Handwriting Study Finds Clues on When Biblical Texts Written

Some biblical texts may have been written earlier than previously thought.

<p> Letters inscribed on pottery, known as ostracons, which were unearthed in an excavation of a fort in Arad, Israel, and dated to about 600 B.C. shortly before Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem, are seen in Israel Museum in Jerusalem Tuesday, April 12, 2016. A Tel Aviv University team determined that this famous hoard of ancient Hebrew inscriptions was written by at least six different authors. Although the inscriptions are not from the Bible, their discovery suggests there was widespread literacy in ancient Judah at the time that would support the composition of biblical works.

A Tel Aviv University team determined that this famous hoard of ancient Hebrew inscriptions was written by at least six different authors. Although the inscriptions are not from the Bible, their discovery suggests there was widespread literacy in ancient Judah at the time that would support the composition of biblical works. Dan Balilty/AP

By DANIEL ESTRIN, Associated Press
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli mathematicians and archaeologists say they have found evidence to suggest that key biblical texts may have been composed earlier than what some scholars think.

Using handwriting analysis technology similar to that employed by intelligence agencies and banks to analyze signatures, a Tel Aviv University team determined that a famous hoard of ancient Hebrew inscriptions, dated to around 600 BC, were written by at least six different authors. Although the inscriptions are not from the Hebrew Bible, their discovery suggests there was widespread literacy in ancient Judah at the time that would support the composition of biblical works.

The findings, released Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an American scientific journal, contribute to a longstanding debate about when biblical texts first began to be compiled: did it take place before or after the Babylonian siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC and the exile of its inhabitants to Babylon?

In recent years, many scholars have attributed the composition of a group of biblical texts, from the Book of Joshua to the second Book of Kings, to the period after the siege, according to Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein, who participated in the study. That theory holds that the biblical texts were written as a result of the exile to Babylon, when the composers began to think about their past and put their history to parchment.
Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution And Declaration Of Independence All Perpetuate Sexism
Daily Caller
Finkelstein, however, said he has long believed those texts were written in the late 7th century BC in Jerusalem, before the siege. He said the study offers support for that theory.

"It's the first time we have something empirical in our hands," said Finkelstein.

The team — made up of doctoral students in applied mathematics, math professors, archaeologists and a physicist — examined 16 ink inscriptions on ceramic shards discovered at the site of an ancient military fortress in Arad in southern Israel. It used multispectral imaging to reconstruct Hebrew letters that had been partially erased over time, and then used a computer algorithm to analyze the writings to detect differences in handwriting strokes.

Doctoral student Arie Shaus, who helped develop the algorithm, said it was the first time such technology has been used to reconstruct and perform handwriting analysis on ancient Hebrew inscriptions.

The inscriptions themselves are not biblical texts. Instead, they detail troop movements and expenses for provisions, indicating that people throughout the military chain of command down to the fort's deputy quartermaster were able to write. The tone of the inscriptions, which suggest they were not written by professional scribes, combined with the fortress' remote location, indicate a wide spread of literacy at the time, according to the study.

A high level of literacy would support the idea that some biblical texts had already been authored by this time. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known collection of certain biblical texts, are believed to date several centuries later.

Shmuel Ahituv, an Israeli bible scholar who did not participate in the study, also believes literacy in ancient Judah was widespread before 586 BC and that the biblical texts in question were written before the siege of Jerusalem. He said he believes this is apparent through a literary analysis of the biblical texts alone.

"I don't need algorithms," Ahituv chuckled.