Saturday, May 19, 2007


Gordon's Park
By "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "This Eye of Mine" c. 2006]

he sat upon a throne
of stone
looking out
through the pages of his
to a deaf toned world
deaf toned to the worlds
he snapped without
black and white he wrote
he wrote "Shaft"
"Superfly" was his son's progeny
he pimped poems...

but Horace Greeley's deaf toned
so he groans poems out
like grinding steel...

eye sit under
the moon
eye shade trees
and wonder why the
park's named 'Greeley'
when he should just shut
his fucking mouth of steel

'cause he stole
poems snap shot
from Gordon Parks
in Gordon's Park
he posed
newspaper's slight in
his hand
eye shall want to topple
his throng and replace it
with the likes of a
black man and
X out Horace Greeley's

a bird sits atop his
head Horace Greeley's
dead like Gordon Parks
but he has no park
'cause he was too dark
to snap the likeness of

now Horace Greeley sit
upon a throne of
looking out while
looking in
he likes to pretend
he smiths poems
snap shot like
Gordon Parks
in Gordon's Park

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