Saturday, May 19, 2007


by "OBSIDIAN!!! [Excerp from "This Eye of Mine" c. 2006]

the flip side of
the snap shot frozen
in time can bring
back the memory
of the moment in
time that is now lost
a grip away they were in
my grasp my arms desperately
held them too tightly to try
to keep them from slipping away
like photos tossed away in the grass

Now, loney eye sit with my head
perched in my hand the camera
len's still hot from taking the snap shots
that eye shot in the 'night' in the daymares
of what seems now like a dream

Now, foggy, too distant
and far away the memory's a
snap shot it takes
photos that can't be
erased-no matter
how much JACK
eye pushed to my FACE!
the negatives
still frozen in my
mind's eye

Eye wish that eye was a king
and eye could command all
the snap shots
eye took of you to sprang back
to life and dance whirling around my
whirling head and could stare
eye could feel the warmth of your skin
sense the rapture of the alkaline
or the sandy sweat
in your hairs

the mustiness of your sweatshirt
be brushed by the warmth of morning
cornflake's breath

They say we were all born to suffer
ASMODEUS that evil king stole the
reality of my snap shots from me and
left me with the fragments of a surreal
dream ASMODEUS!!! Eye'll bet you never took photos
of anyone you ever loved or knew
too bad for you!

Now, their backs are turned from me
no photos to take of that!
or chance to correct this the
finally shot back at me
into a permanent negative

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