Friday, June 29, 2007


The Ghaib!
by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "Zen is Now" c.1991]

woe to all the
dunya of this world!

before Allah the ghaib

and mankind who's time
was limited by his decrees

drops to his knees
while dhikering with strings
of pearls
and even sulyman
{allayhee salam}

caused the Jinn to dive and

to toil the land
in their task
erecting strong columns
and majestic arches
with knowledge
while before him they
made flow a sea of brass

but when sulyman
fell down before their eyes
none of the Jinn could
avert his demise

even the strong ifrit

who transfered the throng
of Belquis couldn't change
the moment for sulyman that
Allah had decreed

he fell down before them
with his staff
and all the Jinn were freed

and have you not any
knowledge of how
Allah has divided the sea

and made a barrier between
the salty and the sweet
and a division between the
night and the day

and a decision between the
guided and the astray
and on that day
when the veil of
the ghaib shall be
stripped away
and all of this life shall
prove to be but an illusion
and the flames of hell
shall be the final conclusion
for all who doubted
the meeting with their lord

while upon the earth
vast treasures they stored
while laughing they
cast aside the fitra
from their minds
their faces shall be
darkened while the
righteous shall shine

and you too shall
fall down!
so prepare yourself
for the day when
you too shall fall down!

and on that day
when the veil of
the ghaib shall be
stripped away by the
leave of Allah
then you shall come
to know that your
lord was never that far…

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