Friday, June 29, 2007


by "OBSIDIAN!!!' [Excerp from "Zen is Now" c. 1995]

Let his name be cursed in crowds!
Let his name be banished from among mankind!
Let the fair memory of his youthful days be stricken from the scrolls!
Let the mere sight of him provoke jeers and profanities!
Let him be despised and shunned!
Let the mentioning of his name be made along with curses and sighs!
Let stones be thrown at him at the mere sight of his presence!
Let darkness follow him wherever he shall roam
Darkness and thick gloom!

Let his path be made crooked and full of obstacles!
Let the day that he was born and came forth into the world be cursed!
Curse it and strike it from the scrolls!
Let the wild beast of the fields and the jackals follow him in pursuit wherever he May go!
Along with sickness and a great malady!
Let it be his portion all the days under the sun!
Let the works of his hands be damned!

Let his prayers be an exhalation!
And his thoughts be annihilation!
And let a desolation be his reward along with strong condemnation!
And when he dies let the maggots consume his flesh
Let his soul be captured in a mesh!
Damned him to the hottest of hells!

…and now
let him be initiated
let him be brought forth
into the light of day
and be made anew

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