Thursday, June 28, 2007


Ma Vodka Bottle
by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Expcerp from "Zen is Now" c. 1992]

As long as it doesn't show
and as long as it doesn't fall out
i can endure the humiliation
of human dignity

As long as i don't slurp
when i draw
and as long as it doesn't
slip from my paw
when i hit the floor
i can enjoy the brief illusion
of serenity

As long as i don't run outta bills
and as long as i
can still make my way
to the liquor store up the hill
i aint gotta a’ member 'bout
my loneliness

As long as i can just
…keep it coming
yeah…and the dumbing
i can have the thrill of
being real
and get to feel
my one and only-ness!


Anonymous said...

Here is another remark following the recent WPR slot from last sunday - I like what I heard -

especially the segment of our parady version of "My Favorite Things" How might one make contact
Good Luck


The Desert

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sorry guys . . . I meant to put a "Y" in front of the "our" it was an honest mistake.

Sincerely again, The Desert

Reuben said...

Hi there! Heard you on This AMerican Life. Love and blessing to you. I wish I was courageous enough to do it. But I'm glad I'm not.

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

hey, i'm glad u dug the parady "My Favorite Things"-with me & Hobo bob. it encapsulates our life out in the street. You cna reach me further via email: 2 you later!

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

Yeah, Reuben. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone,'s just one of the crazy things me & hobo bob have been doing in our lives...glad u liked the show!

Anonymous said...

Why - when we have the gift of feeeling our emotions - its a beautiful thing - even when it hurts

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

eye think the beauty of feeling emotions is a sacred thing, that brings us closer to the creator. Why becuase at these moments we are in a private the creator was when creating the universe...that's my reflection.[sorry for the late reply]