Monday, July 09, 2007


The Shaytaan Speaks
by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "This Eye of Mine" c.2007]

he said" "tear it up!"
i said: "no!"
my hands withered
and fell to my feet
my hands withered
and fell to my feet

he said: "say 6 8 9"
i said the numbers
i separated into 2
my ringing voice was
besides my face
i separated into 2
my ringing voice fell
into an abyss of

eye became afraid
and became silent

he laughed in my ear
i froze
my eyes opened to
the tree of life!
a flaming sword was
at its post as a guard
my childlike hand reached out
to touch its fruit
it was not severed

he said: "speak"
and eye became wise
eye named all of the
animals of the forest
the plant life and the trees

eye was naked and
he said: "touch yourself"
eye did
eye became even wiser
eye lift up my
head and stood erect
my penis stiffened
eye lift my
head and stood erect
eye felt desire and longed
for the animals of the forest

eye partook of them
and of all the fruitage
of the the trees

he said: "desist! speak not
a word to the sons of man
who fill the world
with mindless clay!"
eye became silent
for six-thousand years

he said: "awaken!'
and eye arose from
millennia’s sleep
the forest was populated
with men of clay
they walked about
with clothing and spoke
strange words like
"geometry" and "isms"

eye heard not his voice again
eye heard not his voice again

eye fled from the forest
to the highest hillside
for the refuge of a church


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EK*C!TY said...

I love that the internet can bring poets together. I enjoyed your poem and your style. I hope all is well with you, your poetry, and your life.

God Bless

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"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

Thanks, Joshua, for your words and encouragement. And yes, I will visit your blogspot. Peace!

I'm glad you liked the peom. ek*c!ty. Check out the ret of the blogsite, there's more. -"obsidian!!!"

Yes, i would be intersted in dong the on-line blogsite interview. Will get on it right away, Mike. Thanks.

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

thanx for visiting my blogsite, joshua...glad u enjoyed the peotry...yeah, i will visit your site PALAVROSSAVRVS REX!asap-what a name for a site!...keep in touch

glad 2 hear u enjoyed the peom, Ek*clty...sorry for taking soo long to respond..perhaps u can give me your email..& i'll include u in my poetry newsltters-i send from time to time...peace!