Wednesday, May 23, 2007


When Poets Re-Attack!!
by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "This Eye of Mine" c. 2006]

well, if eye had
a life eye wouldn't be
a poet...

eyed learn how to
chop liver and
to sautee it in a pan
the right way dad!

christ! eyed re-read all
the holy scriptures and
come back with a new
interpretation one that'll
knock zecharia sitchin
out of his socks!

hell, if eye had
a life eye wouldn't be
a poet...

eyed pick up my
danmed tools and build
a real house this time
one that'll out last all
the great byzantine structures
of yore...
eyed publish a book and
finish scribbling all my archiac
and arcane thoughts on
my internet blog

eyed draft bills for
a congress too lazy
to disagree with the
current resident of
united states...

hell, if eye had
a life eye wouldn't be
a poet...

eyed pick up my m16 and
merc a bit in
'bumb fuck'in egypt'
tip the scales of war
in the middle east
eyed find a real agent
one who would threaten
producers into signing major
contracts for t.v. and
movie deals

eye'd solve the equation
to the illusive grand unification
do away with the threat
of global warming
solve the kennedy murders
map out the entire DNA
advance space travel and
show how much SETI is
a big joke
record several piano sinatas
raise the stakes of
dialectical materialism
wouldn't have to begin
my 42nd birthday with
a jail sentence find
true peace of mind and
create a true despotic
utopia for mankind
today! and
my grave stone won't
have to read: 'thought
i had something more to say'

hell, if eye had
a life eye certainly
wouldn't be a poet...


The Claw of Satan
by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Exerp from "Zen is Now" c. 2007]

look inside and sigh within
like the imploding whirlwind
we sink with our feet dragging
-into His claw

ice melts and stately
towers that we erect
to the sky
-into His claw

dark matter vibrates
between galaxies as they
collide helplessly and spread
out worlds without end
and then collapse
-into His claw

into His claw
into His claw
into the claw of Satan
we all fall
we're like fish being
caught in an evil net
we all fall
-into His claw

wedding bells rang and
wedding rings seal the
fate of lovers white washed
in wine and rice while
hidden desires and unspoken
vice causes the rings to
melt under the intense
heat of fire and down
lovers fall
-into His claw

behind the veil
of time our dreams are
but clashing brass
scratched verses of holy words
hastily written in darkened
alleyways and civilization
stagnates under the burden
of too much legislation
as world leaders legislate
mankind into chaos
and disintegration of the masses

so together like molasses
We sink into the vastness
Of His claw
And fall

Into His claw
Into His claw
Into the claw of Satan
We all fall
We’re like fish being
Caught in an evil net
We all fall
-into His claw

Like a peacock trapped
In a cage he didn't know
The number of his days
We all fall
-into His claw