Friday, June 08, 2007


Stream of Life
by"OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "Zen is Now" c. 1999]

Sit back and have myself a cup of steam/buy myself a bottle of dreams/sit back and watch the stream/of life pass me by/sit back and have myself a smoke/tell myself a joke/wonder why I'm so damned broke/watching the stream of life pass me by/I raise my eyes to the sky/and ask God why/I cant' have some piece of the pie/he bought/sit back and pull myself a joint/and try to focus upon a point of reason and hope/'cause I'm running out of rope/I'm running out of dope/yeah, you go for broke when it's drinks and smokes/and all of your hope goes down the drain/and you're feeling no pain while you're dancing in the rain/'cause your life's been in vain/and your past is just a stain/and a distant mote/while you row, row, row, your boat/gently over the waterfalls/and all the while your agent calls/to tell you that you missed your chance of becoming a big movie star/but really, you knew that star was a bit/too far for you/to catch/so you say, 'what the hell', as you fumble the shells/and load your revolver to go see how the west was won/but you put down the gun 'cause you realize no one's really gonna come/to your funeral anyway/so you look back up at the sky/and ask God why can't some one else be in your place/yeah, have the same name/wear the same face/wear the same clothes/be of the same race/eat the same food/and shit in the same place/so you resign yourself to who you are/Haley's comet's fallen star/turned black hole is born again/another life to mourn again/in vain/as you sit down on the curb of the street/and wash your dirty feet in the mud filled rain/of the stream/of life/rolling, rolling, rolling/goodbye