Wednesday, March 19, 2008


by "OBSIDIAN!!!" c. 2008

i saw jack kerouac today
and i'm misty
drops of fallen rain
against the gurgle of
a waterfountian
leaves me misty

beat poet's existential hunger
for emotion and pain
beat poet's eternal hunger
to be down and out
and i'm misty

empty pockets
empty bed
full of 'bennies' and booze
empty head makes me wonder
was herbert huncke misty?

luminous mysterious lines
play on my sanity bringing
me solice in my solidtude-
existential way
and i'm misty

mystic new jersey life
filled with karaoke blues
filled with karaoke booze
made me ponder
'am i a really a mystic'?

mysterious words scribbled
on discarded notepads
saved in paneled glass
in a side show makes me
feel misty

i saw a jack kerouac
in a side show today...
-and i walked away
feeling very


Anonymous said...

I am wondering, are you consciously misspelling his name? I think, it actually is Kerouak but not very sure. Is the show still at the library? Would love to see it!!Don't you think this poem should be more musical? BE aware of DICTION..

Thank you,

Angeline Montauban

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

I will check the spelling on his name-& get back 2 well as change it...i think i went to for it...but thanx for pointing that out, Angeline...

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

O.k., Angeline...i research it and finally got the spelling of the name correct...