Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Shadow
By "OBSIDIAN!!!" c. 2009

Why have you abandoned him
Like some wayward child?
Why have you left him to fall unwanted
Into the darkness
Kept in the distance contaminated
With your misguided point of view?

He’s laughing now so
Embrace him
He is cold
But his heart has desires
That are not forgotten
By you

Dark Moor
Contriver of such mischief
And sin
Come to me now and
Let me embrace you
For you are cold and
Ostracized much in vain

Tell me, what is your
Heart’s desire for perhaps
I desire it too


I cannot possibly do that
Sort of thing but I
Already have many times
In the depths of my sleep
But it was only a dream
And dreams are but
Clashing brass
And I have awaken from
That spell, so tell me
Something different
Something that I can
Tell my friends, while sipping
Coffee in a shop

I too was an abandoned
Child left alone to wander
In the forest of my dreams

But I have long-since repented
Of these iniquities
You are so brash!
From what darkness were
You formed?
Was it before the world
Was enshrouded by light?


The things you whisper
Are unspeakable, but I
Love it!
You darling rascal
Stop while you still have
A chance before I
Banish you to the place
From whence you came

Well, alright I’ll give you
Some reprieve, for you
Are my shadow and I cannot
Deny you again

I Am thirsty for the
Words you speak I too
Wish to Be born from
The flames to dance
Naked in the howling
Winds to take hold
Of the roots of trees

You are drawing closer now
And I am afraid your
Voice is like wind
Your eyes are like mine
But deeper

Just who the fuck
Are you, my shunned and
Despised Moor of
The soul? Rake
Me over the coals and
Make me laugh again

I shall choke you and
Choke you again I
Shall spit into the wind
What shall we do now
That I have accepted you
Into the confines of
My burning heart?