Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily...life is but a Dream!...

The Grateful Dead
By Obsidian c.2013

God is good
God is merciful
to the dead

to those who have
died before their time
and are left to roam
a scorched & inhabited earth

as citizens
of the Great USA
& of the world
denizens of the departed

partying a little too loud
above the dens
of crowded bars
& Irish pubs

glasses held high
in a myriad of toasts
& braggadocio boasts
of how the glow has
left their eyes
afore the founding
of the world

they brag out loud
@ poetry haunts
in metered poems
& yes!
iambic pentameters

curse verses for the dead
those flamboyant party animals
set about as traps
in your love-feasts
& soirées

keep your eye peeled
on them
for these are the fortunate ones
counted among the grateful dead
the departed
life of the parties

merrily saying all along
words like
we didn't start the fire
& it will go on
without us...