Monday, February 03, 2014

The Cauldron of Wisdom...

The Star Child
By Obsidian c.2014

Fiat Lux!

Behold the primal heat of
The ever expanding mother's

So, fuck Aristotle and
All the rest of the philosophers!

I see them crawling on
Their knees like vagabonds
Beggarly to drink the knowledge
Flowing from this cauldron

I receive you all under
The quivering fire that shook
The very foundations of the
Cosmic throne

Behind the veil of time the
Heavenly Sephiroths part so
That we can embrace you all with
Nuclear fusion!

For I was a man-child gazing
Under the brilliant canopy of
A billion stars when She baptized
Me in her interstellar luminosity

Dazzling She was
as She raised me to
Indescribable heights
From the bends of my knees

Oh! Holy Mother

Oh! Holy Whore of
Babylon Queen of the flaming
Igigi and Djinn

Let our hands touch
The essence of your stars
Of asteroids
Of quasars
Of Comets
And elliptical and spiral

Let us dip our hands
Into the cauldron of
Your ancient womb

So, fall back in shame
You hobos of intelligentsia!
Into the enfoldment 
And aeons of the fabric of
Space and time

Retreat in‭ ‬humiliation 
As you behold the
Birth of The Star Child!