Monday, June 27, 2016

About Edited Edition of Action-Novel The Shaitan

Hello my fellow poets, artists and poet aficionados!

I, Daniel Canada aka Obsidian, have just completed publishing the edited version of my action-thriller-novel, The Shaitan. Many of you have been made aware of the 1st edition in my previous newsletter and I appreciate your support and many encouraging words of admonition.

I invite you all to visit the ebook sites listed below, go ahead and purchase an electronic copy and check it out! What is more, I welcome your comments, constructive criticisms and insights, and would love to get feedback from you, my fellow wordsmiths!

The book, The Shaitan was formerly written under my nom de plume, Ashur Etil Alani. However, it is now republished under my real name, Daniel Canada and is being sold online at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Epub, Mobi (Kindle), Irf, Pdb for Palm and Kobo Ebooks sites, for $3.99 a copy.

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Yours truly,

Daniel Canada aka Obsidian

 If you want to view my Smashwords Author Profile visit:

To view a few sample pages or to purchase The Shaitan visit:  (Note: You must 1st remove “adult content” filter from top right hand corner of Smashword page to access the book, by clicking the “Adult Content” button before searching for book title The Shaitan in search field).



Barnes & Noble Bookstore:

The Shaitan is not sold on at this time.

You can also check the comments I will be posting about the making of the book as well as background material out on these social media sites:

My Twitter account:

Bon appetite!

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