Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Social Butterfly

The New York City poetry scene of the 90’s was off the chain, as the saying goes. Unlike today's post Giuliani-era, there was poetry gigs galore! You could actually attend a poetry reading every night of the week and still not cover all the events that were going on during that time period.  Folks came from all over the five boroughs and beyond. They flocked to these poetry dives for a multitude of reasons. Some came to read their latest pieces, others to show-off their new gear. And there were those who simply came to meet another lonely soul to tag-up with for the night.

Yep! The 90’s poetry landscape was also the perfect pick-up spot for the salacious wordsmiths to find a kindred soul. That’s where I met a voluptuous poetress, whose name I obscured for personal reasons. So we’ll just call her Anne. Anne and I met back in the days at a swanky performance gig called “The Knitting Factory,” which was run by a great poet and eclectic host from Louisiana named Yictove. Yictove loved to combine live jazz music with poetry. As a result his venue was one of the hottest shows in town!

Anyway, while I was digging the live band which rhythmically exploded on the stage behind ole Yictove, I met and struck up a lively conversation with the sensuous poet, Anne. She was a social butterfly, to be sure; a woman certain of her beauty and sexual powers. Anne was an erotic vixen that made it clear to me she was looking for an exciting one-nighter and I had just been chosen for the lottery.

The affair didn’t last long, but she must’ve left a lasting impression upon me, because she became the catalyst for one of the main female characters in my novel, The Shaitan. In this fictional story I named her Amy Glenfeld.

Amy Glenfeld is a lovely, tall, blonde socialite, who likes to frequent the New York City poetry haunts, to express her sexuality through the spoken word. She also likes to scour the scene in search of a male lover for the night.

Her sexual exploration leads her into the messy life of U.S. Army Ranger, Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson, who is foraging through the New York poetry landscape in search of an enigmatic terrorist.

It also leads her into the clutches of someone more sinister.

To find out more of this dangerous liaison, purchase and read an electronic copy of my new action-thriller-novel, The Shaitan.

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