Monday, January 04, 2016

2016 New Years Day Poem...

Poem : “Train Away”
By Obsidian c. 2015

I was on the D

Heading south

Out of the Boogie Down

I had a book

It was good

It was James Elroy

I fell in love with verse

With escapades

The train came to a holt
@ the station

I looked up

Across from me there was a hobo

He was reading a book too

He was in love with verse & escapades
Like me

I immediately understood our disease

Books & escapades

It was like drugs & alcohol

Took us away from our lives

Took us away from the pain of our lives

Took us way from the Boogie Down

Took us away from the train

Took us away from the people on the train

A sea of orbs of light
Clouded by mountain mist

Took us away from our destruction

The train stopped @ 59th Street

I tucked my book into my jacket pocket

Got off and headed

To a poetry reading