Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Revisiting The Shaitan

As I promised, I will be posting from time-to-time my interview by Smashwords, which I hope will shed some insights into the creation of the two books, The Shaitan and Hobo Handbook: Memoirs of a Homeless Poet in New York, I published through their online Ebook distribution platform. So, once more here it is! As always I welcome your thoughts.
-Daniel Canada aka Obsidian

What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book “The Shaitan” has many elements behind the story. Some of it is based upon my own military experience. Some of it is based upon my knowledge of Middle Eastern culture, and some of it is based upon my many years spent entrenched in the New York poetry scene.

About The Arabic Name Shaitan

Some may be wondering why I chose such an obscure Arabic name for the title of my book. The Arabic word "Shaitan" (pronounced shay-tan) simply means the devil. However, unlike in western religious culture where we have the concept of one devil, as in the biblical Satan, in Arab tradition, based upon the Koran there can be many devils.

For instance, your evil next door neighbor who keeps stealing vegetables from your garden can be considered a "shaitan" or devil because of the harmful things he does to you. In essence, according to Islamic thought anyone who resists you and cause mischief is a “shaitan.”

In this case of the novel, "The Shaitan," the arch enemy of the main character, United States Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson, is the world's most sort after terrorist, Ismial Abdur Rahim. Ismial, who goes by the code name "The Shaitan," is a formidable foe or devil to our hero indeed.

It remains to be seen, when one reads the novel, how Ismial's evil influences plays upon our hero and whether at the end good in actuality does triumphs over evil.

I invite you all to find out. 


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